Houghto-Safe 105 CTF

Houghto-Safe 105CTF

Houghto-Safe water glycol compensator fluids represents the most important development in Motion Compensator and Tensioner Hydraulic Fluids of recent times, they are biodegradable and both fire and explosive resistant, passing the stringent 50:1 compression ignition test, which is required to meet the US Navy specification MIL-H-22072.

Houghto-Safe CF fluids meet all the technical requirements of the major Motion Compensator and Tensioner equipment manufacturers. These fluids may be used throughout a wide range of climatic conditions, maintaining stable viscosity characteristics in equatorial waters, whilst being equally suitable for
Operation under low temperature conditions.

Hydraulic Control and Compensator Fluid


HOUGHTO-SAFE 105CTF is a fire resistant non-explosive water glycol fluid, incorporates additives which ensure long fluid life, excellent pump wear characteristics, protection against corrosion and resistance to microbiological contamination. Recommended for use in Motion Compensators, Drill String and Riser Tension Systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Formulated to meet the 50:1 compression ignition test as specified in the US Navy Specification MIL-H 22072C.
  • Is corrosion inhibited, both in liquid and vapour phase
  • Non-nitrate and biodegradable
  • Outstanding resistance to bacterial and fungal growth
  • Low pour point
  • No pressure limitations. Pressures governed by the equipment in use.
  • Low foaming characteristics.
  • Compatible with the majority of elastomers found in today‚Äôs hydraulic systems.


Key Benefits

  • Formulated for the US Navy specifications.

  • No pressure limitations

  • Corrosion inhibitor.

  • Low foam charateristics.